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Church Capital Campaign - Best Practices

A best practice is a method or technique that has consistently shown results superior to those achieved with other means, and that is used as a benchmark. In addition, a "best" practice can evolve to become better as improvements are discovered. (Source: Wikipedia)

The Abundant Giving Church Capital Campaign is based on two foundational pillars - The unchanging Word of God, and best practices.  While the Word of God is unchanging, the best practices of how to effectively apply and work out those biblical truths does change with the times. Much like our worship services have evolved with the times (use of technology, changes in music, changes in seating, etc.) church capital campaigns have seen changes in how they are executed as well.

A church contemplating a capital campaign is faced with 3 significant high-level tactical challenges (in addition to the spiritual challenges).

  • First, the church must determine ALL the proper steps to take in executing a church capital campaign in the most spiritually and financially effective manner.

  • Secondly, the church must determine the proper order in which to take those steps.

  • The third and most difficult challenge is the church must do all the right steps in the right order and do it correctly the FIRST time! 

A church's capital campaign is a carefully choreographed series of events which are carefully crafted to maximize the spiritual (and thus the financial) impact of the campaign.  If you mess up a capital campaign, it is a lot of work to go back and correct it, and even if you do - the results will never be as good as if you had just done it correctly the first time. It's seems to be a matter of inoculation, a campaign done incorrectly will inoculate a certain percentage of members from changing their minds about their level of participation. 

An intelligent person with a great deal of spare time can probably discover or intuit many of the steps.  However, just because someone has read a few books about airplanes and flying and can even recite them verbatim does NOT make them a pilot; the same for a capital stewardship campaign. A church capital campaign consultant brings three very important and valuable things to your church:

  1. A proven process based on best practices

  2. The experience to properly apply them in the unique circumstance of your church. 

  3. The influence to get the church to do the things that it may otherwise avoid - not because they are improper or not biblical, but because of personal discomfort or fear of man.  Remember, the consultant cannot make you do anything, all they can do is recommend - but often times having the experienced and impartial counsel of an outside party will encourage the church to do the right thing for the campaign, things that might otherwise been left undone to the detriment of the campaign, the church, and its members.

They are called best practices for a reason. In practical experience, the churches that miss their capital campaign goals are, by and large, the churches who deviate the most from the best practices and counsel of the church capital campaign consultant. Many churches are correct when they state they can do their campaign on their own, however it is not really a question of "if", but one of "how good".   That is why churches that use a capital campaign consultant will make a bigger impact on their members and raise much more money than those that do not.  Almost without fail, no matter how good of a job you may do without a campaign consultant, you will do better with their advice and counsel. 

In Summary: Churches that use a campaign consultant, take their counsel, and follow best practices will raise about twice as much money as those that do not and do it easier and with less stress and worry.  A campaign consultant will help take your church capital campaign from good to great!

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